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Sapins Quality Assurance
We make sure that our milk and other products made from milk are of the utmost quality by following stringent quality procedures.
It starts from ensuring the quality of the raw milk.

Raw Milk Quality

Checking Process

We take samples of milk from each batch and check its temperature, colour, taste and odour (Organoleptic test). Post these, the milk sample has to successfully clear the following tests:
  • Adulteration test
  • Alcohol test
  • MBRT
  • Acidity
  • Clot on boiling test
  • Fat
  • SNF
The Adulteration test will check the presence of any neutralizers, detergents, sugar, starch, sodium chloride, hydrogen peroxide, formaldehyde and any other adulterant. Unless the samples pass these tests to the complete satisfaction of our analysts, the batch will not be cleared for packing or to be used for subsequent processing.



At Sapins, we consider the following processing parameters:
  • CCP monitoring
  • Standardization
  • Sampling
Our products are approved for packaging only after they clear these parameter-checking processes without any compromise.

Quality Parameters

for the Final Product

Every batch of our dairy products has to pass the following parameter checking which is done under strict supervision by our trained and qualified QA team.
  • Weight checking
  • Date and batch number verification
  • Temperature
  • Quality analysis on the basis of IS2200: 2005 and HACCP that checks
    • MBRT
    • Acidity
    • Fat
    • SNF
    • Alkaline phosphatase test
    • Creaming index
    • Microbiology tests
Rest assured that all our products are additive and preservative-free and bear the assurance of Sapins quality considering the above parameters. At Sapins, we strive to provide toxin-free milk and milk products tall our customers every single day.