Sapins Dairy




Freshly packed

We source dairy fresh milk from trusted local dairy farmers. This ensures freshness and purity as we inspect their farms frequently and educate them on sustainable dairy farming. We demand strict quality and use a scientific collection process to maintain utmost hygiene. 

The milk from various dairy milk suppliers is first chilled to 3-4 degree centigrade within a minute and then transported to the dairy plant for processing and packing in exclusive Sapins trucks. At the plant, the milk is rigorously tested for quality. The next step is the pasteurization of milk in our ultramodern packaging plant. It is then stored hygienically for delivery.

Sapins offers 4 categories of milk each with a different thickness and fat:


Sapins Diet milk is double toned and pasteurised. It contains 1.5% of fat and 9% SNF. Low in fat, it is the ideal choice for weight watchers and dieters.


Sapins Thick milk with 3% fat and 8.5% SNF is homogenised, pasteurised toned milk that is rich and full-bodied. As the milk is homogenised, cream does not separate easily from it.


Sapins Popular milk is pasteurised, toned and has 3.5% fat & 8.5% SNF. The milk is rich and thick creamy layer forms on the surface when boiled and cooled.


Sapins Premium milk is the right choice for those who prefer thick, frothy milk. This pasteurised, homogenised milk contains 4.5% fat and 8.5% SNF. The homogenisation ensures that the cream (fat) does not separate from the milk on cooling.