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Osteoporosis is a condition in which the affected person will suffer from brittle and fragile of bones. Mostly this situation arise due to certain changes in hormones or the deficiency in calcium or vitamin D. Osteoporosis may cause the weakening of bones and the risk of osteoporosis will reach at a condition of broke-down of bones. Osteoporosis affects the backbones and forearm. This severe condition of a human can be controlled by the intake of sufficient amount of calcium rich products. The osteoporosis can be controlled from the childhood. The bone mass will accumulated in a human body during the childhood and this bone mass is necessary for his lifelong activities. Proper intake of calcium rich foods during childhood is very important and this can be simply achieved by proper use of milk and milk products but make sure that what we are giving to our child is pure and fresh. Milk is good for health not only because it is calcium rich but also it is helpful for the overall human body activities. Along with calcium milk is a good source of vitamin D too. We already discussed that osteoporosis is mainly due the lack of vitamin D and calcium. So intake of milk will provides calcium and vitamin D, the main key factors against osteoporosis. 1 cup of milk contains at least 244 grams of calcium and 98 IU of vitamin D. In taking of calcium through milk and milk products has a significant role in bone health of young adults but same amount of milk in-taking has different effects in young males and females. The same amount of calcium has higher bone mineral values in young males than young females. Finally we can conclude that the required consumption of calcium and vitamin D through milk and milk products will results in optimal bone formation along with the prevention of bone resorption.

Sapins has their own dairy farm and milk processing plant in Kochi. So they are supplying fresh and pure cow milk all over the city. At present 4 different categories of milk are available from Sapins Dairy. They are Diet, Premium, Thick and Popular. Sapins is the best milk and milk products suppliers in Kochi. The inclusion of milk and milk products in daily diet has a crucial role in one’s life.

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