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How would you like to start your day – the toxic way or with pure health?

Would you drink a glass of detergent first thing every morning? How about a concoction of antibiotics and toxic chemicals? Diluted Urea might sound better, right? Water is absolutely considerable and healthy too! But are you drinking water mixed with the other toxic stuffs in the form of milk?

Startling?!!! You may be starting your day and even feeding your loved ones a concoction of toxins everyday morning! It remains a fact, though shocking, that Milk and Dairy Products are adulterated with detergent, chemical concoctions, urea and water widely. Unless they are packaged by a reliable and reputed company, the milk you drink for your good health might be just spoiling it!

Milk is a superfood. It is a complete food which contains many essential vitamins, minerals and good bacteria that boosts our health and metabolism. Haven’t we all grown up listening to the goodness of Milk and Milk products? But what you get these days as the superfood milk is anything but that! Adulterated milk is fast-conquering the market because of its longer shelf-life and cheaper cost. Water seems to be the safest adulterant of all!

Here are some of the ill-effects of consuming adulterated products made from milk. As you finish reading, we will also tell you how you can save yourself and your loved ones from consuming such toxic stuff!

Hormonal Imbalance

The hormone injections, a toxic concoction, given to the cattle will indirectly reach your body through the milk you drink. It can cause a major disruption in your hormone levels, immunity, and even cause life-threatening diseases. Loss of memory, kidney diseases and poor eyesight are only some of the side effects of consuming milk adulterated with hormones.

Life-threatening Diseases

In case you didn’t know, hazardous chemicals such as formalin and hydrogen peroxide are added to Milk and Milk products to keep it unspoilt for longer days! Such milk can cause cancer, skin, eye, kidney and gastrointestinal problems that last a lifetime, how much ever it lasts!

Renal Problems

Detergents and urea are added to milk to make it frothy! When you have it regularly, it can result in kidney failure!

I can’t avoid milk! It is the richest source of calcium and other nutrients! True, pure milk is an excellent source of calcium and other nutrients that keep your bones and body strong and healthy. But when most of the milk that’s packaged itself is adulterated for longer shelf-life, you will have to find out brands that come from near you.

Milk is mostly adulterated for one or more of the following reasons:

For longer shelf-life
For lower cost
For larger volumes

What if the packaged milk you buy gets spoilt on the 2nd or 3rd day? Adulterated milk can last for days if not weeks without getting spoilt! But unadulterated milk will definitely get spoilt on the 2nd or 3rd day! Sapins does not promise long shelf-life for their milk and milk products except for butter and ghee. That’s because nature does not permit long shelf-life for these dairy products and Sapins does not permit the use of any preservatives, additives or flavour enhancers in their products.

We are a local brand and source our milk from known dairy farmers who follow organic farming methods. We personally oversee their farms and ensure that they are well-trained and remain strictly organic. We don’t compromise on the quality we deliver and quality comes at a price! Yet, we have priced our products very competitively.

We never commit more than what we produce. Profit is not our only business motive. We are here to survive ethically, serving only purity and nothing else. We are humans too; we are parents too. We also have family and we all consume our own products only. If it is safe for us to consume, it is as safe for you and your family too.

We deliver purity, nothing else!

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