Sapins Dairy


Hygienically Packed with Care

Sapins brings you purity and health in the form of milk and milk products, sourced internally and from trusted local dairy farms.

We started as a dairy farm a few years before. As our passion intensified, we imbibed the modern technologies for processing milk.

For the last couple of years, we are one of Kerala’s own bulk suppliers of milk and milk products such as curd, butter, paneer, ghee, etc to star hotels, premium restaurants, top caterers, renowned bakers, and many corporates.

We are also in the consumer market supplying regularly to households and popular supermarket chains in the state. Our major focus in on cow milk products.

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Fresh. Pure

Naturally flavourful.

As good as homemade!

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Purity that speaks for us

  • Despite our bulk requirement, Sapins never fails to deliver fresh and pure products every day. They come without additives, preservatives and toxins. That’s why we also prefer Sapins above every other brand available.

    Ashik Alias

  • Sapins dairy products are hygienically processed, packed and delivered fresh regularly at our doorstep. Their purity can be experienced in the fresh taste they come with. I recommend Sapins milk and milk products to all our customers.


  • I have used Sapins Milk and Paneer, It tastes natural and tasty. I have migrated from my existing dairy supplier to Sapins and strongly recommend Sapins to all who would love natural and tasty milk products.

    Vinod T

  • I trust Sapins because I can smell the freshness and purity of milk and butter that’s just like it used to be when we had cows till few years back! We have been a regular customer of Sapins milk and milk product since February 2018 and are very happy about their quality.

    Bibin Alias

  • Friendly staff and products hygienically prepared. Tried milk, yoghurt 2 types, ghee and butter taste good.

    Nisha Babu

  • My kids love the taste of Sapins Milk. I tried Sapins paneer too which was very soft and has lovely yummy texture. Wish to try their other milk products like yogurt or curd, cheese, ice cream too. Luckily our nearby bakery is supplying it.

    Rashmi Manjit

  • If someone asks me why Sapins, I just give them half a glass of boiled Sapins milk to taste. It’s great to see the surprised and satisfied face after they taste it. The only question then they ask me is where do I get it from!

    Manju S

  • Kids are so fussy when it comes to drinking milk. But with Sapins, they now demand their glass of milk every day morning. That’s a major health concern happily resolved for me. Healthy kids make us moms happiest!